A month?
Sunday 8th February 2015
Has it really been a month?  It has and a right wild, wintry month it has been - cold, snowy, windy.  At last I see the days beginning to stretch a bit though and here and there bulbs are beginning to push up through frozen ground.  It's that time when winter seems to have gone on for ever, but there are hints that Spring is not so far away.

I had not forgotten this site - quite the contrary.  I have spent a lot of time (too much!) looking at different web site builders.  I discovered that iWeb, which I found on my computer and launched into with great enthusiasm, is no longer supported.  Why do Apple do this? - they make brilliant software which does all that people want it to and then abandon it!  Appleworks, for instance was a superb suite - way ahead of its time - and if you look in the Apple support forums you will find that people still use it years after Apple announced they were abandoning it; why? -  because it is just that good!   The new sofware that came with iLife is nowhere near as good.  As far as I can discover they have not replaced iWeb with anything - very remiss of them!

It is good to get things off one's chest is it not?
To continue, I have looked at a great many builders - mostly free ones - and that takes an inordinate amount of time; reading about them, signing up, wading through tutorials and FAQs, only to discover that none of them do all that I want.  It's not that I want anything outrageous - just a really good selection of fonts (that's so important for poetry), the ability to superimpose words on a photo,  a guest book, a "blog" (I really hate that word!) and sub pages.  Is that so much to ask?

After much searching I think this software will do.  I will persevere with with it for a while.  I'll also look out a few more photos and poems.  Watch this space! 

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