"CHMOD this file to 666".  That's what it said. 

What!!?  I have no idea what that means, but that is what confronted me when I tested the Guestbook I have set up at the end of the site. 

I have to say that the software - or web-builder or whatever it's called - that I am using now has worked rather well.  It seems to do all that I want of it and in a pretty straight forward way.  Setting up the Guestbook  (for all of you to leave your opinions <hint!>) has been another matter altogether.  I have had to learn about FTP and actually edit code, for heaven's sake!  And such technical understanding does not come easily to me. 

I thought I had everything done correctly, but no such luck - testing is producing the above command and I have not a clue.  Watch this space ... as they say.
Tuesday 12th May 2015
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