We had the first Craft Fair of the season on Saturday.  There were not as many visitors as I would have liked but, as those who did come along were all buying, it worked out well.  We held it in the Village Hall and ran a wee cafe — which also went down well — with lots of home baking, kindly donated  (we have some very good bakers on the island).

These days in the Hall are a huge amount of work and I was pretty much brain-dead yesterday; lazed around in the sunshine, until I became too hot ....  !  yes I said "too hot"!  That didn't happen once last year.  In the whole of 2015 I sat out with my morning coffee three times and on each occasion I had a cardigan on over blouse or t-shirt;  three times;  in a whole year!

This month has been lovely; a cold north wind much of the time so the air temperature in the shade is not high, but sitting in the sun feels hot.  That may be why we didn't have so many people at the Fair — in weather like this people like to be outside.  We may also have a problem with Saturdays: it's change-over day.  Vistors have either left to go home, or they haven't arrived.  So our next Fair, in July, is going to be on a Wednesday.  Why Wednesday?  Wel,l I am told by the staff in the hotel that, although they don't know why, it is consistently the busiest day for visitors coming across.

Some photos of the items which were on sale at the fair.  I know I'm biased, but I think we have a remarkable range of skills on display for a very wee place.
Craft skills
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Monday 30th May
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