Well, well!  it seems I have a Guestbook working on this site at long last!  After much gnashing of teeth and bashing of head against wall, I have given up on the Guestbook provided with the building software. CHMOD-ing wasn't working ( ! no surprise there, given my computer skills - or lack thereof) and I think, although my servers tech support people were very patient, they were getting fed up with my frequent requests for help.

I was given a link by one of the gentlemen on my writing website and inside 2 minutes a guestbook was installed and working and I didn't have to pester the support guys at my ISP once.  I have to say - setting all of this up has meant a huge amount of learning about computer things - something I don't find easy or intuitive.

I'm currently setting up a page with links to other websites which I find interesting.  I hope to have it ready to publish by next week and I'd be pleased if you would have a look;  you may find something to interest you.

What I must do now is spend more time weaving.  I have another Craft Fair on the 29th of this month and I need to have more scarves and shawls for selling.  This morning I ordered another loom - my fourth! I already have a rigid heddle loom, a knitters loom and an inkle loom.  The new one is another Ashford loom:  an eight shaft, 32 inch table-top loom on which I will be able to do twill weave.  I expect it will be some time before I produce anything fit for selling on it.  I will need to get used to a different way of warping for one thing and for another, what I really want to make on this new loom is L-shaped shawls in wool.  So I will set it up when it arrives but I suspect it will be into the Winter  before I have time to get to grips with it.  Time for some loom photos perhaps?
It works!
Saturday 16th May 2015
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