.. politicians'  statements!  "What I am saying is this ..."   I am so sick of hearing politicians saying that!   I am truly sick of politicians not giving a straight and honest answer to a straight question.  I will be very glad when this Election is over.  Do these guys not understand that we can tell when they are prevaricating?  Do they not realise that by not answering straight they are turning so many people off politics?

And don't start me on the shouting.  It seems that they have almost all forgotten how to conduct a correct and civilised debate.  Jim Murphy doesn't even seem to understand that one should defer to the chair in a debate; he just carries on shouting.  Someone should tell him and all the others, that there is a difference between a debate and a party political broadcast in which politicians can waffle on to their heart's content.

I think tomorrow will be the kick up the proverbial that is much needed in UK politics and Scotland for the frst time in my long lifetime will have to be listened to.  It is ironic in the extreme that the Westminster establishment is squirming at the prospect of some Scottish influence over policy for the UK, when for the last 300 years we have had to put up with complete control from down there.  'English votes for English laws' being demanded at the mere hint of Scottish MPs wielding some power?   There is nothing wrong with the concept of English people determining their own affairs of course, but the sheer blatant hypocrisy of it sticks in my thrapple.

Last September I despaired of ever seeing Independence in my lifetime, but now ...

(The Sunday after the Referendum I walked along the Miners' Trail early in the morning and I was moved to write a poem about the referendum and its aftermath - 'Deja Vu';  I'll post it now.)

Wednesday 6th May 2015
Well now!  Is that a change or what?  I have to confess I did not wait up last night to see the results coming in;  I almost wish I had, but sleep is important and as my Granny used to say "old age doesn't come alone".  I really don't know how the candidates and politicians cope with being up ALL night and then having to give (sensible, coherent) interviews the following day.

Fifty six seats out of fifty nine?  It's amazing and wonderful and, given the sense of despair and missed opportunity after the Referendum, quite remarkable.  I dare say there were a lot of people who thought that, Referendum over and failed, Scotland and the SNP would just crawl back into their shells and could be pretty much ignored again.  I would venture to suggest that we've 'sent them homeward tae think again'.

Whither now? 
Friday 8th May 2015
Lies, damned lies and ...
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