This will probably seem to be a rather eclectic group of websites, but I make no apology for that.  These are sites which interest me, which intrigue me, which challenge me (or are simply useful);  all of them I believe are worth a look ..
Links -  - an excellent writing site, of which I have been a member for many, many years.  If you are interested in writing in any of its forms you may enjoy browsing this site. (You will find lots more of my poetry there too - just search for Elfstone.)

GoldDust is a writers' magazine published twice a year in paper form and online.  It includes short stories, poems and writing advice.  Each year they print a calendar with a different poem for each month.

DROD     - The only computer game I play seriously and often - and I love it, as much as at times I hate it, as much as it drives me to distraction, as much as it calms and relaxes me.  I discovered it in 2006 on a freebie CDROM  (remember those?) which came with Macworld magazine.   The game opened with a lovely lyric tenor gently singing acapella and invoking Medieaval chants. That was followed by a harpsichord! - a harpsichord? - in a computer game?  I was intrigued and became very quickly hooked and I have since done voice acting for them; if you get round to playing the game you will hear me in various roles.  There is a lovely community full of thoroughly decent, helpful people who are endlessly patient with questions from newbies.  If your brain needs a good workout and you enjoy puzzles try this unique game.  (WIKI gives a very good potted description/history.)

Scot goes Pop  - An interesting, articulate political blog which I discovered recently; always worth reading.

BellaCaledonia -  A news website and an attempt to redress the balance against overwhelming anti- Scottish bias in the media.

Caledonian MacBrayne - just in case any of you are tempted to see the views in my photos for yourself ;)

Texere Yarns and My Fine ...   both have a gorgeous selection of yarns.

Michelle Piper's website - a good, but at times harrowing, site about Narcissistic Mothers and the damage they do.