Shortbread and snow
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Wednesday 27th April 2016
My kitchen is full of a wonderful aroma this morning - shortbread; my Grannie's recipe.  I've been baking for the first time in quite a while and it's good to be back to it.  When I openend the bedroom curtains at 7.00 this morning it was to a winter wonderland!  A covering of snow over everything, all-be-it a thin one, and the temperatrue outside at 30° F.  It's obvious from the weather forecast and the news that I am not alone — winter is back with us at the end of April.  Down here at sea level the snow of the early morning has thawed away - the sun is hot enough now, when it comes out, to melt what was lying here, but the wind is still bitter.

Looking out of my study window I can see a thick covering of snow on the mountains in the distance.  It's beautiful, crisp, clean, sharp, stunning against the brilliant blue of the sky, but it's not really what I want to see at this time of the year.  Winters seem to be sliding later and later.  When I was young (a very long time ago!)  winter started in late November and white Christmases — really white with a good layer of snow on the ground — were not uncommon.  By the end of January winter proper was over; now winter is just getting going in February and here we are well into what should be Spring still wrapped up in winter woolies.

Anyway baking seems a good thing to do when it is much too cold outside to work in the garden (more of which in another Elfnote), hence the good smells. And friend is coming in for coffee and a blether in a wee while;  maybe life is getting better?
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