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Worth waiting for ...
It took seven months in the end!!  My old weaving shed in the back garden was dismantled last October - just around the time I had to go south when my mother went into the hospice.  I had thought the new slightly bigger and much better insulated "shed" - which I now call my studio -  would be complete and usable before Christmas, but the best laid plans ...

It is now all in order and my new 8 shaft loom - bought last June - is sitting proudly on the new work-bench.  I started using it in the week before I went back south to finish the clearing out of my mother's flat.  I have to say it has been quite a steep learning curve - warping an 8 shaft loom is very different from the rigid heddle looms which I have been working with for nearly four years now.  It felt as though moons waxed and waned and stars were born and lived into old age in the time it took me to put the first warp on - and that's before I even started the actual weaving!  

There is a Community Art Project happening here at the moment, with people contributing various craft skills to a large wall hanging, and I was asked if I would weave a piece of tartan for it - a bit of a jump into the deep end!  The first practice piece was cut off (a terrible waste of yarn as the shortest warp I can put on is around 2 yards, but it had served its purpose).  The tartan proper has taken quite a while to complete, but this afternon I cut it off the loom.  Here it is on the loom:
It still has to be washed and pressed and I will twist the fringe meantime, until I find out how much of it is needed for the wall hanging. I'm now free to start experimenting with simpler weaves and in particular to discover all that twill weave can do.  Great fun!!  

We have another Craft Fair on the 28th May so I must not get too side-tracked into doing things only on this loom - I must get more scarves and stoles made.  Essentially, I have lost a winter's work, partly because of the shed taking so long and partly because of my mother's death and the fall out from that.

Here are a couple of pictures of the inside of my new studio taken before I put the warp on the loom:

PS:   I've just posted another two poems into for publication tomorrow (25th).  If  you haven't yet had a look at the site, maybe you'd like to now?  I'm 'Elfstone' there too.   ;)
Sunday 24th April 2016
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