Much time recently - no let's be honest: most of my time - has been taken up with organising the first big Craft Fair we've held here. 

Did I mention that I started weaving when I retired?  Long story short - I was given a very unexpected long-service award by the council and after a great deal of deliberating I decided to buy a table-top rigid-heddle loom with it.   I took to it like the proverbial duck and now have three looms and I'm about to buy a fourth. 

Last July we had a wee "fair" of sorts when the local shop had it's official opening (really just changing hands into community ownership) and I took the plunge and decided to see if I could sell some of the scarves I had woven.  You see there is a problem with a hobby like that: if I go on weaving (and I do really enjoy the process) what do I do with all the items I make? There is a limit to how many scarves one can give to family and friends for Christmas year after year!

Well, in the middle of the hottest week of the year, indeed the hottest anyone here can remember, I manage to sell pure wool winter scarves! I was thrilled to bits and of course it covered some of my costs (which in part is allowing me to buy another loom - but that's a story for a future post). 

That event sowed the seed of an idea, which finally came to fruition in the Craft Fair on 11th of April. I have to say I was absolutely delighted at how well everything went and especially at the good vibes which seemed to be floating around all day.  So many people commented on the lovely atmosphere in the Village Hall.  To have 94 people attend, given that it was our first fair and no one knew anything about us or what to expect, was really marvellous.  We  all had a wee glass of bubbly at the end to toast our success; great fun!  To my complete delight and genuine amazement, we not only covered all the costs, which means I don't have to subsidise (as I always said I would with the first one), we actually made a wee profit.   That will go into the bank to start off a fund for the landscaping of the ground around the Village Hall.  It will be a while before we have enough to get any work done, but it is a start on a much needed project.  The other really good result is that many of the 17 Crafters who exhibited on the day are very keen to go on doing Craft Fairs - both big ones with everyone involved and mini ones with maybe just 3 to 6  of us present. So it will be a busy summer organising those events.
Warp and weft
Sunday 3rd May 2015
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