In a comment left in my Guest Book  I've had a request for photos of my looms.   For some time I have been meaning to add another Elfnote on weaving anyway so the request was a welcome prompt!

As I said in my last note, this last three months or so have been more than a little fraught and weaving, clarsach practice and writing all had to take a back seat.  After I finished the decorating and had the stair carpet laid, I thought I might have a chance to relax, but July flung a few bricks in my direction; some difficult house guests and a visit to my ailing mother meant that by the end of the month I was frazzled in a way I haven't been since retiring.   I decided I needed a complete break and took a late booking on a wee house in Ardnamurchan for a week. 

I took my ancient laptop which has my novel in it - at that point nearly 78,000 words - and planned to get some writing done for the first time since June 2014.  One of the problems with only writing the novel intermittantly is that, when I start up again, I have to re-read everything I've written to date, to get back into the detail of it and back into the 'flow'.  When I was near the beginning of this process - 2,000 or 5,000 words or so - that was easy.  Reading 77,800 words is a different matter.  It took me two days, with breaks to visit the local shop and eat (and occasionally snooze in one of the very comfortable armchairs).  Despite that I manged to write 7,500 words in the remainder of the week - very satisfying.  I hope to head off for another week in October to do more to it.  I rather like the idea of visiting North Uist - an island I've never yet been to.

I came back from the week feeling considerably refreshed and to a largely blank diary for the first time in - what is it - 3 years?  This last 2-3 weeks I have gradually realised that I am retired.  I wake up  thinking "what would I like to do today?" rather than thinking about preparing for the next bit of work and the mess it will cause.  It is a very good feeling. :-)   I am back to practising my clarsach (did I tell you about that? - perhaps not;  another Elfnote over the horizon maybe?) and of course I'm back to weaving. 

Monday 31st August 2015

Weaving the web of days ...
I rediscovered my inkle loom and got to grips with weaving letters.  I'm hoping to make bookmarks on that loom to sell at the Craft Fairs.  For the first time, in a reasonably successful experiment, I've made three scarves using two very different thickness of yarn. One of those is Rowan's 'Thick and Thin'.  If you know yarns, you will know how gorgeous (and expensive!) Rowan yarns are. I'm also working on the Rigid Heddle loom which I have on a floor stand, and making shawls in lambswool.  I have a fourth loom now - an 8 shaft table loom.  More of that later.
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My Ashford Knitter's Loom with a log-cabin pattern scarf  half woven. This great wee loom folds up (with the warp on it) so that it can be easily carried.
My Inkle Loom with a bookmark - the first of several I'll weave on this warp.
My Rigid Heddle Loom with a pseudo-tartan pattern shawl.
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