"Work! work! nor dare to shirk ..."
Golly!  where has the time gone? I have been very, very busy.   At the beginning of May I decided to bite the bullet and start to the last section of the refurbishment of my cottage.  When I bought it,  it was all in need of a face lift - the whole cottage need to be redecorated.  Along the way I have also had some fairly major structural work done: an oil-fired Rauyburn installed (twice - the first cowboys made such a dangerous mess of it, it had to be taken out and done all over again properly), new shower room, new bathroom, new kitchen, front door moved from the gable end back to the porch (where it was a hundred years ago) and the space inside the gable end used to extend the dining room. 

I have done all the decorating myself and since the start of May I have completed the sitting room, the twin guest bedroom, and - the last job - the stair well and the upstairs hall. That last was very difficult and tiring; I had to borrow special step-ladders that would sit at different levels and even then it was awkward work.  It's done!  The stair carpet  (I've been clattering up and down on very shabby bare-wood stairs since I moved here) was laid on Tuesday and that was the very last part of the refurbishment.  I actually felt a bit emotional; it's been a long haul.

On top of all that I had to keep weaving, although I didn't get anything like as much as I wanted done. I bought and took delivery of my 4th loom and got as far as putting it all together (more of that in another Elfnote).   Last Saturday I had another Craft Fair.  There were 10 of us this time and although we did not sell anything like as much (not sure why) we had a lovely day.  There is a good social aspect to these days; getting together with other crafters and seeing what they have made and blethering about 'Life, The Universe and Everything' is fun.

A couple of photos taken on the day:
Friday 3rd July 2015
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